3D Cakes in Singapore

How I wish I was born a Princess !!! (possibly) Every girl’s wish…

HAHA! Me too! How I wish i was born a princess too! lol (Joking ^^;;)

Alright, alright and so.. this is my 2nd post and without further ado, I humbly present to you, my dear’s very first attempt at 3D cake modeling.

My Dear make this while taking this class at Sugar Inc. She was very impress with the course content, the instructor and most importantly she doesn’t need to clear up the utensils after the class! Seems that the friendly folks at Sugar Inc, does the clearing for all the lazy princesses! :P

View from another angle











Frankly, I was amazed when I saw the princess cake. I thought she bought it from some bakery such as EMI Cakes. Was pretty much speechless when I realized she really did it all by herself in a single day =x

Nuff Said, first cake and she did quite a good job already. I’m all ready to see what else my dear can come up with.. lol

Thanks for viewing and stay tune once again for my next post as I share more of my dear’s little creation (:


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