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My first post!

Hello there and a very Happy National Day to all Singaporeans!!! (:

This is my first post and I would like to share with everyone, my purpose in creating this humble little blogsite.. ^_^

It all started one day, when my girlfriend saw some 3d cakes online and was fascinated at how amazing a cake can looked. She got hooked immediately and started enrolling into cake making classes.

She started baking the cakes week in, week out … and I was secretly amazed at the progress she was making. – The cakes really looked amazing ! =O
That was when I encouraged her to post pics of her cake projects online to show for others to see.

Alas, she was too shy and refused to do it =x
Which is why, yours truly decided to help her (behind her back), secretly creating this site. I intended it to be a “cake journal”  and shall use it to surprise my dear one day :P

Alright! Now do stay tune for more updates as I start to upload the pics of the 3d cakes done by my dear. (:


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