3D Cakes in Singapore

Life would be sooo much easier if I have one of these guys by my side…

I remembered waking up early on Sundays when I was a little boy just to catch 1800 secs of Doraemon (ドラえもん) goodness or otherwise affectionately known as 小叮当! =D

Back then, I recall telling my primary school form teacher that my xmas wish was to have 小叮当 as my Christmas gift … coz “小叮当 can pull out his magical gadgets to make my life easy!” HAHA! You can imagine the incredulous look on my teacher’s face when she heard that ^^;

Some time ago, my dear allowed me to relive my (embarrassing) childhood memories when she showed me her next creation… lol

Doraemon and his clones!

She was trying to see if she can accurately craft out various expressions using fondants. She thought why not give Doraemon a try since they are relatively easy to model (Doraemon’s all blue so not much concerns on finding the right color lol)

Doraemon A and B : "We want food, we want food!"

Here’s Doraemon C obviously not too happy that my dear made him wore an angry expression.

 Another close up shot again showing the clones with assorted expressions.. you name it.. Doraemon should have it :P

These figurines really brought back some of my old childhood memories. I’m pretty sure you too had wish that you had a Doraemon by your side when you were young right? :P


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