3D Cakes in Singapore

The one with mum’s birthday cake

Wanting to acquire more advance techniques in cake modeling, my dear enrolled herself in another cake making lesson with Sugar Inc’s in which students will be taught how to bake and design a 2 tier cake.

On hindsight, it’s killing 2 birds with one stone since my dear’s mum birthday was just round the corner. – Can bake, design and customize the birthday cake there and then to my dear’s liking!

This time, my dear decided to go with a bright cheery yellow with a bear cake topper with some flower decorations.

Now, make a guess. Is this chubby little bear made up of fondant or just a toy? :P

Mum's Birthday Cake @ 95% completion (:

Mum's Birthday Cake in full glory :D

For a 1st attempt on a 2-tier cake, I personally think its pretty amazing. You can imagine how delighted my dear’s mum felt when she saw this cake It was truly a very happy birthday for her on that day.

Well ? who wouldn’t, when you had such a wonderful cake for celebration, right? ;)


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