3D Cakes in Singapore

Sounds familiar ? – I’m smarter than your average bear!!~

I believe the younger generations may not know that this “I’m smarter than your average bear!” is one of Yogi’s favorite quote! (:

And so, bright readers, you probably have guessed it. Yep the next cake project which my dear did after the 2 tier birthday cake was a 3D yogi bear (features boo too!) :D

The theme of this cake is Yogi bear goes for a picnic with his sidekick boo!

I would say the entire process was quite tedious (as always ^^), from planning the model’s appearance,coloring, the dimensions of the cakes and what sort of materials are needed for the project. The preparation itself already took my dear an entire week!

WIP - Yogi Bear : Can you spot what

Tsk, tsk. Yogi bear didn

Yogi and Boo. All set for some serious makan outing!~

#1 rule for Drivers : Always look in front and not sideways when driving!

I really like this cake when my dear showed it to me. Its quite amazing that a you can get something nice and cute looking with just pieces of cakes, fondant and not to mention sheer hard work. Hats off to my dear, a job well done! :D

Oh, before signing off, do leave a comment if you managed to spot what’s missing from the Yogi bear model. I like to see whose the sharp one here :P


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