3D Cakes in Singapore

Coming up next – Whats baking @ mydearbakes

Dear readers, I am so sorry for the recent lack of updates. m(.__.)m

Yours truly has recently slack off went to Hong Kong for a much needed break.
And while I was happily devouring all the dim sums in Hong Kong, my dear has received & completed some requests for 3D cakes :D

Right now, I’m in the midst of compiling the pictures before sharing them on the blog. To sum up, here’s a head’s up on what’s in store for mydearbakes in the coming weeks ;)

– A 3D wedding cake + cake pops + brownies + sweat X hard work = satisfaction for my dear’s colleague Irene’s wedding :)
– A baking request received for a birthday cake featuring Walt Disney’s iconic fairy Tinkerbell!!~
– Also another baking request, a 3D cake based on the lovable precious thots models ! ;)

I shall now sign off this post by posting one of the 3D cakes that my dear has done before she went on to do the wedding cake for Irene.

As a benchmark, time & effort to do the wedding cake is ZOMG times of the ballerina model! :O


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