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mydearbakes presents a fairy theme birthday cake !

Hi readers!

As promised earlier on. I am now uploading the pics of one of the cakes that my dear has done recently – A fairy theme birthday cake featuring Tinkerbell! \ (^__^) /

Front View

This is the front view of the cake but it’s a little plain at the moment as the decorations hasn’t been applied on the cake yet ^^;

Top view - with decor on!~

This is the top view. Notice that the cake looks more cheery after all the decors are on :D BTW, this is for a nine-year old gal, she refused to let the guests eat the cake when it was first presented to her.. says she can’t bear to eat the fairies. so cute!~

Back View

Back View 2

This is the back view. Wanted all to see the details that’s surrounding this cake. The fairies, mushrooms and the flowers along the side of the cake makes it look like Tinkerbell is sitting in a garden ^^

Some close up shots of the fairies

close up 1

One more pic on the final product again ;)

Final Product

Once again, we were glad that the birthday gal was happy with the cake.mydearbakes wishes you a happy birthday again, Athena!!~ :D


8 thoughts on “mydearbakes presents a fairy theme birthday cake !

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thanks so much for your interest!
      We really feel bad to disappoint you but we are currently tied up and will not be able to take in any orders at this point of time.
      However, pls feel free to subscribe to our blog and to keep in touch with us!

  1. Aww…that’s pretty! You are so clever! I enjoyed the look of your cute and adorable cakes featured on your blog. Good work!

    By the way, thank you for liking my post. I am still very new in the world of blogging, so here’s hoping I’ll get “there” one day.

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