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“Will you marry me?” – mydearbakes presents Irene’s wedding cake!~

Was very happy to see one of my dear’s best friend, Irene getting married on a beautiful Saturday. It was certainly a marriage made in heaven as both are definitely meant for one another =D

mydearbakes is also glad that the wedding cake, along with the cakes pops my dear made for the wedding were well received by the guest!~

Without further ado, I will let the pictures do the talking ;)
[Warning: lots of pictures for this post]

It all starts here with the head.
Bride’s body under construction 
   A close up on the bride

Tada!~ World's sweetest bride ;)

Working on the platform for the bride

Platform now with bride's lower half

Bride - All parts combined!~

Groom’s body under construction

Groom @ 50% complete posing for a picture ;)

The groom's all ready for the big day too!~

Final Product!~

Another shot of the final product

Not forgetting the cake pops and choc fudge cake that we made for the guest ;)

I remember they were all taken within an hr's time! The kids especially like the cake pops lol

I hope you all enjoy this post. Shall be updated this post with more higher quality pics as the ones currently here are taken from yours truly’s trusty iphone 4 ^^


17 thoughts on ““Will you marry me?” – mydearbakes presents Irene’s wedding cake!~

  1. Hi Mydearbakes! :-) thanks for visiting my blog.. Infact the Thomas train cake wasn’t that difficult but time consuming coz it’s a ard 4kg cake & I choose to make n color my own fondants.. The face is the soul of the cake so crafting the face is wat make the cake look real thou the body wasn’t exactly v detailed.
    I m still not very happy w the face as it’d still lack of the profile I really wanted & now finally achieve the technique to do it. Now only waiting for another order of Thomas character to display the technique.
    V happy to know u & would b happy to exchange some pointers w another avid crafter.
    Cam :-)

    • Yep, You’re right about it being time consuming, especially the balcony.
      All in it took 4 days (if you count practice sessions to get the models exactly how I want it add another 3 days)

  2. You are an amazing artist!!!!! Wonderful cakes!!!! I just loved the presentation of the bride and groom cakes…..can’t wait to see your next post!

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