3D Cakes in Singapore

mydearbakes latest creation ! – cake topper based on the lovable precious moments figurines

Dear readers, yup, you read it correctly.

We have come out with a nice little cake topper modeled after the cute little characters from precious moments!

This time, our client requested for a cake topper instead of a full 3D cake which mydearbakes had gladly obliged.

The final product

Close up of the female figurine

Also, not forgetting our prince charming ^^

Would like to share with all some behind the scenes pics too (:

Believe me, getting the expression right for the models is the toughest job this time round

To sum up, its my dear’s first attempt at creating cake toppers and I think she has done a marvelous job! What say our readers? Feel free to share with us your thoughts or experiences in cake modeling too!~ (^__^)