3D Cakes in Singapore

Ho Ho Ho!~ Season Greetings from mydearbakes!

If you had recently stroll down Orchard Road in the evening, you probably would have that feeling that, Ho Ho ho! Christmas is coming!!~

My gf has always rated Christmas as the best public holiday that Singapore could possibly have and I’m starting to feel the same after seeing the Christmas themed cake toppers + cakes that she has made for this joyous period. Hopefully our readers will feel the same after seeing these too! :P

Presenting the new 3 "Snowketeers" this Christmas

Individual portrait for our snowmen

How Mr Snowman was created

Of course, not forgetting the Christmas trees ^^

Here's a close up

oh! The penguins decided to drop by and say hi to the snowmen lol

How the little guy was created (:

The final version comes with accessories too! But what were the penguins gearing up for?

Oh, they are making their rounds and singing christmas carol,spreading the holiday cheer to Mr Snowman!

Mr Snowman, without a doubt is pleasantly surprised by the visit. ;)

In case you are wondering, Mr Snowman's "landed property" is a cake baked by my gf. ^^

We hope that you enjoyed viewing the pic as much as my gf enjoyed making them ;D

With that, here’s an advance season greeting from mydearbakes, wishing all our readers happy holidays and Merry Christmas!!~


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