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mydearbakes wishes Little Gerard a “Beary” Happy Birthday!!

And so, Little Gerard in the company of his loving parents, relatives and friends celebrated his 1 year old birthday on Sunday!

mydearbakes got really excited when Gerard’s mummy contacted us to entrust us the sacred task of baking his 1st birthday cake! =D

Gerard’s Mummy wanted a number “one” shape birthday cake. In addition, she wanted a teddy bear theme for it along with baby blocks that spells out Gerard’s Name.

This is how the final product looked like :)

Now here’s the “main” highlight of the birthday cake.

Here’s another view from the top. Featuring the little playful bear ^^

Another shot featuring the playful bear

And now, this is the front view :)

Here’s another shot from the front view

We hope Little Gerard and family like the birthday cake that we have delivered to them and certainly hope that they have enjoyed themselves that day!

Once again, here’s wishing Gerard a happy birthday and may your every day be filled with joy and happiness!



Credits to Gerard’s Mummy for kindly sharing with us these nicely taken pics. They looked awesome!

Credits to Gerard’s Daddy too, who spotted us when we were “lost” in the carpark looking for the resturant ^^

Oh before ending this post, we will be posting the behind the scenes pictures in our next post so do stay tuned to see how mydearbakes got about baking and crafting the birthday cake! ;)

56 thoughts on “mydearbakes wishes Little Gerard a “Beary” Happy Birthday!!

  1. Great cake! :) I love the bears especially the playful one! I’ve been waiting for your post re Sharon Wee’s class :) I was kinda sad I wasn’t able to attend her barrell and cube class due to the fees :( Anyways, I would sure love to read your post on this and see photos taken from her class! *excited*

  2. Hi Sweetlyf! Thanks for swinging by! =)

    We will be sure not to disappoint you, will keep you posted once our post on regarding Sharon Wee’s Class is up!

    Now, we just wish we have more then 24hrs a day to do up all the posts ^^

  3. What a fabulous cake! My third son isn’t even born yet, and you’ve got me thinking about his first birthday cake already, lol.

  4. Wow! I love the blocks and bears! My little guy just had his first birthday, but his cake was not this cute. Got to work on my decorating skills before the next one! ;) Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. OH, the playful bear is too cute! The whole cake is. I’m sorry but I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to eat it. I’d want to keep it forever.

  6. Dream come true for young kid’s parents.. Utterly cute n very well crafted. Every posture n expression on the faces of the bears as well as the idea to put the name in chunky rubek’s cube boxes… Beautiful

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