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mydearbakes, behind the scene series #1

Recently, a friend of ours asked :

“Hey, wouldn’t it be interesting if we get to see the makings of your bakes!”

And we thought,

Sounds good, why not?” =)

To be honest, we had always wanted to post the work-in-progress bakes along with our creations. However, we didn’t get down to it partly because I’m lazy busy. ^^

So, today, we will be launching our very first “mydearbakes, behind the scene series” post!

This post features the W-I-P shots of our recent creation, a birthday cake =)

Now, we all know how the Teddy bears looked like in Gerard’s Birthday cake, but have you seen the prototypes that lead to the final design?

Here’s a few shots on our prototypes :











The size of the bear’s huge too!







This was another prototype which we created











And we went on to create the baby blocks and the accessories











Baby Block and playful bear debuts!











And now for the cake. Here’s how it looked like originally












We started covering the cake with cream






















The entire set of baby block done :)






The items all ready to be delivered and assembled onto the carrot cake =)










That’s it folks, the end of our first behind the scene post!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as we had fun writing this.

We promise more of such postings together with our new creations in the near future =)


36 thoughts on “mydearbakes, behind the scene series #1

  1. Great post! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve intended to take pics for a WIP post, and then, about half-way thru, I forget to keep taking pictures. Super cute cake, too! :)

    • Hi thehungrymum,
      Yes, that we agree. Tons of preparation but what can we say. The sense of satisfaction after you complete these bakes are really priceless! =D

  2. Your baby blocks are so cute! I have to try and make them for my sons birthday in 2 weeks… ;) hopefully they’ll turn out as real looking since decoration is not my forte.

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