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I’m a little teapot short and stout …

Well yes, the title’s a little hint to our next latest creation that we are going to share with you today =)

Now, if you have been following our blog/twitter, you would probably know that we have recently attended a couple of Sharon Wee’s classes at Artistiq Sugarcraft.

In fact, we’ve been looking forward to Sharon Wee’s classes ever since we’ve received the mailer from Artistiq!

The first lesson that we enrolled into, teaches us how to do a teapot cake.  =)

For this lesson, we were each given a 8” round cake, which we had to tort and fill the cake with dark chocolate ganache.

This would give more taste to the cake and also add some height.

After that we had to sculpt the cake into a half sphere, and from the cake pieces that we cut off, pile it on top of the half sphere to make it into a round ball.  – A very useful technique since no cake is wasted =)

Once completed, we had to crumb coat the cake with the chocolate ganache, followed by a 2nd coating to get it round and smooth.

Next up, is making the spout and handle.

For the spout, we were taught to sculpt from styrofoam, and sand paper it down to the size we want (rice crispy work as well if you prefer, although you would probably have to cover it with 2 layers of fondant to achieve the smooth finishing).

Aligning the spout to the cake to make sure it’s the right size

Handle is made up of rubber tubing, with skewers glued to the end to make it easier to stick into the cake.

Once that is done, it’s just a matter of covering the cake, handle and spout with fondant and decorate.

And voila, here’s the finished product.


mydearbakes wasn’t all to please with the final product… It’s still missing something.

Hmmm, just feel that the “teapot” wasn’t complete.

As you see, mydearbakes wanted a teapot cake with porcelain effect, and hence hand-painted the flowers.

Finally determined that the handle didn’t quite go well with the design mydearbakes had in mind, so we re-did the handle and modeled 2 cups to go with it

Now, here’s the final and “complete” creation, ta-dah!~ =)

Here’s another view of the final version =)

A little close up of our 2 little porcelain cups ^^

We are really quite pleased with our teapot cake creation and the amusing part was that many of our friends thought the teapot was real when they saw the pictures! =D

I wonder if our readers will also share the same thoughts as our friends too? ^^


51 thoughts on “I’m a little teapot short and stout …

  1. Indeed the teapot looks real! :) You mean this was just the first lesson you signed up? Can’t wait to read the next one then :) Thanks for sharing your workshop experience with Sharon Wee.

  2. how lovely! my uncle makes really amazing cakes and i’ve always wanted to do things ilke this. wonderful x

  3. I like the painting you did for the teapot. Funny I just made a teapot cake too. I was having a little trouble with the spout as my first rice krispy spout broke on me and had to remake it. Thanks for the tip on styrofoam.

  4. Really lovely cakes and I love how you can make it feel vintage and not just bright or brash. How is the colouring holding up? I painted some Union Jack flags for a cake I made and the nest day the icing sugar had turned into a melted sugary lump! Good job we’d already made a good start on eating the cake ;)

  5. Magnificent and delicate work!!! Love the white with vivid blue design. *Thank you* for sharing this. What a wonderful way to do something good:)

  6. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I am over the moon to have discovered yours, and completely awestruck at your baking prowess…:-)

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