3D Cakes in Singapore

Warning : Do NOT read this post if you are allergic to anything cute =P

Well, you have been warned ;)

Snowy is the 3rd creation that we learnt from Sharon Wee.

To be honest, this has to be one of our best creation this year. lol

Now, you must be wondering? Who on earth is Snowy? Is he a cake modeled after a dog?

After all, Tin Tin’s four-legged companion is called Snowy too!  =P

Well, the ans is …

Snowy’s a cute little white bear! =)

Snowy, from another angle

Snowy, side view.

Another view of Snowy, seems like he slipped and had a little fall. Which is why he had that little “shocked” look on his face ^^

It took mydearbakes a while to convince our friends that Snowy can be eaten.

Most of our friends response was :  “What!?!? You mean this can be eaten?? How can you possibily invite me to eat this cute little bear… I can’t bear to eat it

Many felt that he looked more like a little soft toy than a cake. lol

mydearbakes really had a lot of fun creating Snowy the bear and hope that all our readers had a delightful time reading this post.

We hope that this post was enough to convince you that cakes can be both edible and cute too!


97 thoughts on “Warning : Do NOT read this post if you are allergic to anything cute =P

  1. OMG..I can’t believe Snowy is a cake!! I thought you just sewed together a teddy bear! AMAZING! Such skill and talent, and yes..sooo cute – possibly too cute to eat..;)

    • Hi Lisa!
      Thanks for checking out our blog!
      Well, in fact many were like you, they were asking “so which part of Snowy is the cake?” They all thought that it’s a soft toy instead of an edible cake! =P

    • Hi jan booraem,
      Well, we are a little sad to inform you that Snowy was eventually “cut” up ^^
      More updates on what happened to him on our facebook in the next couple of days! =)

    • Hi sweetlfy,
      LOL, can’t resist.. I know (pales when sees the credit card bill) ^^
      I heard that Sharon Wee is coming to conduct classes again this coming Dec @ Artistiq.
      If the lesson’s interesting, maybe we can take part and be “classmates” together! =D

      • Classmates? fantastic idea! hehehe Although I’m sure I’ll be taking a class which you already took *sighs* I want to learn the extended tier cake :) .. But.. I saw from Artistique’s website that Sharon’s class will be on November! Oh why oh why! (I have a tentative schedule that month to travel) *more sighs* :)

      • Awww.
        I’m quite sure, she will have re-runs that fits your schedule again =)
        And wow, travelling plans in Nov? I’m so envious that you have something to look forward end of this year!

  2. This is seriously TOO cute! I wish I could get into 3D cakes, I’m not even sure I could do a full simple cake! But thank you for all the inspiration!


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog…and now I am following you. My daughter will go apesh*t over your creations!!! This bear is so adorable! I love his mouth and nose. Such a sweet little face!!

    • Hi wwfd301!
      Thank you so much for your kind words! =D
      We are so so delighted that your daughter likes Snowy and we can be sure Snowy will be very happy to know that too!

    • Hi cakesbykay,
      The structure’s just a single pole thro the middle of the cake as it wasn’t a big cake (cut a 8″ sq cake – 1/4 stacked over the 3/4 and then carved to shape u want) =)

  4. Aww….snowy looks way tooo cute to be eaten! i love how it looks like Snowy slipped and hence as you mentioned, the shocked face, super cute,hehehe

    I always find it hard to eat things that look cute or pretty but i’m getting better each day, haha

    Thx for stopping by my blog by the way=) Hope to see you come back again!


  5. Utterly envious that you managed to get a slot in Sharon Wee’s class! (And not once, but three times!) I’ve been dying to attend her classes but they usually sell out too fast :( I love Snowy, so cute and cuddly!!!!

    • Hi cherijustyne!
      Well, the wait is over! I heard that Sharon Wee is going to conduct another round of lesson this Nov 12. More details here! -http://www.artistiqsugarcraft.com/view-course.php?id=708
      Or you can just check for more updates on my facebook page since I also try to keep up to date with Artistiq Sugarcraft’s news! ^^

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