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A little late to the party BUT we are now (finally) on Facebook!

Perhaps unknowingly to many of our readers, we actually did a little test when we recently posted our latest creation on Snowy the Bear. =P

I’m sure you must be wondering :   “Test?  What test? Nonsense. There wasn’t any question/quiz or whatsoever on that post.

Aha. There was neither any test nor quiz. It’s just to see how many readers was observant enough to notice that mydearbakes is actually now on Facebook! ^^;

Having said that, we sheepishly admit that we are truly social media dinosaurs, since we took LONG enough to create a Facebook page for our little blog. ^^

Our facebook page ( ) aims to not only just showcase our little creations but also to serve as a little “hub” for this amazing cake decorating industry; serving as a platform to share with one and all, great & interesting recipes, articles and news relating to cake decorating/baking =)

Sounds a little ambitious but mydearbakes is very confident that with the support from our lovely readers, we will be able to achieve this little dream  =)

And yes, we look forward to your participation!

Do send/share with us any interesting information related to cake decorating/baking and we will share it on our Facebook!

Afterall, it always feels good if you share knowledge and you know it benefits other people, one way or another.  =)


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