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Ohh! Mad Hatter’s going to host his Tea Party at mydearbakes!! All of us have been invited!

Yes!  We finally managed to persuade the adorable folks at Alice in Wonderland to host their tea party at our little blog instead of Wonderland! =P

Hehe, just joking. ^^ That’s just a little prelude to our latest creation in mydearbakes and you probably would have guess it by now. Our latest creation – Its a Mad  Hatter’s Tea Party theme cake! =D

It all started when one of mydearbakes’ best friend birthday is coming up.

Eager to put into practice what mydearbakes have learnt recently from Sharon Wee’s class, We thought ” Hmm what can we bake that has a teapot and yet fun and whimsical?

And …… “Aha!  The Madhatter’s teaparty!” =)

Happy to have a theme we set out researching the design and we finally decided upon the following:

To have the teapot cake as the backdrop and since it’s a teaparty, we are going to include the table, chairs and the lovable guests from Alice in Wonderland!

Without further ado, we shall now invite you to mydearbakes’ very first Madhatters’ party! =D

The gang, enjoying themselves thoroughly =)

Here’s another angle =)

Admit it! I know you want to be in the party too! lol

Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late But, I certainly must have that plate of carrots before I hop off!!” =P

Singing the Birthday Song =)

Our friend was so delighted when she saw this colorful birthday cake! We were actually also very pleased with the outcome of the cake that we probably wouldn’t mind doing it again ! =D

Finally, before ending this post, one of them didn’t managed to make it to the party as he was late. I will drop a hint for you to guess who is this character. ^^













P.S: Do stay tuned for our next post where we will be posting our 2nd behind-the-scene post for the Madhatter’s party!


90 thoughts on “Ohh! Mad Hatter’s going to host his Tea Party at mydearbakes!! All of us have been invited!

    • Hi Stephanie!
      Behind the scenes, we actually did a poll, The rabbit was the most popular character.. the caterpillar was 2nd!
      Probably we will see more fans of the Caterpillar commenting on this post soon? Lol

  1. This is gorgeous! Besides the amazing figurines, love the little details on the table, the plate of carrots, the cake, the tablecloth etc..a classic “mydearbakes touch”! :)

    • Hi BeeBee!
      Awww, It’s always very nice to hear words of encouragements from you.
      Definitely, this is what truly motivates us to continuously create amazing bakes that aims to wow our readers and fans! =D

  2. This looks good! very cute as well, but the whole colouring the fondant, kneeding it into the desired shape and all must have taken an awfull lot of time.
    You get my respect for that ^_^

    • Hi DB!
      Thanks so much for visiting our humble blog =)
      You are right. It’s definitely a little tedious to get the shape and color right but we are so glad that we managed to pull it off! =D

      • I believe that!
        And the satisfaction you get with a suprised face because your cake is awesome will surely make up for it. :D

  3. So cute!!!! So many darling details. Thank you for taking pictures of different angles, I felt like I noticed something new in each photo making me appreciate it more and more as I noticed adorable detail after adorable detail. Keep up the good work!

    • Hmm, let’s see.
      – the butterflies didn’t take much time since I used a cutter to cut out the shapes, and let it dry over night
      – the flowers took much longer as it was the first time I’m making sugar flowers. It took about 2 hours for me to cut out the flower petals, leaves, and to make the berries and fillers (I made enough for 4 flowers in case of breakages since it’s my first attempt). They are then left to dry over night. Assembling the 2 flowers took me also about 2 hours as I had problems taping the petals together.
      All in, I guess, perhaps, 2 days? ^^

  4. Hi mydearbakes, thanks for your earlier visit. Looks like I’ve just met with another cake master here! I would love to frame this cake instead of eating it. Too pretty to be eaten!

    • Hi Jessie,
      Thanks for your awesome compliments! We’ve still got lots to learn and do hope to have the chance to exchange a few pointers with you in future =)

  5. Oh wow! I love Alice in Wonderland! And this cake is fabulous! Are they all edible? Coz I wouldn’t want to eat them… I’ll play with them! :) I love it!!!

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    • Hi burbur,
      The time consuming part is the models as I try to get it as close to actual characters as possible – once that’s out of the way the rest not too bad. All in abt 2 1/2 days (1 day for the models)

  7. Wow! Now that’s an artist-baker-chef’s master piece. I think I would not dare to cut this cake but just stare at it in amusement :). Hats off to you. :)

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