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All hail Princess Athena from the kingdom of mydearbakes! =P

Nay, just kidding. – mydearbakes is just a humble little blog and NOT a kingdom. ^^

The title was just an intro on what we are going to post today! – our latest creation, a castle themed birthday! =D

It was actually at mydearbakes’ best friend’s birthday celebration, when Athena (daughter of my other best friend) turned to me and said:

I want a castle cake for my birthday”.

Although We’ve never made a castle cake before, but how do you turn down a little girl’s birthday request? – Hence, challenge accepted

mydearbakes quickly sat down and started doing design research. Finally we came up with a design that we are very confident is bound to wow Athena once she sees the cake.

So without further ado, we present to you … the kingdom of mydearbakes! ;P

The kingdom of mydearbakes welcomes you!

The side views of the castle =)

Of course we can’t forget about Princess Athena!

Captain Fondant, protector of Princess Athena. ^^

Sparta? This is mydearbakes!! =P

Princess Athena’s trusty mode of transport. =)

Oh, we would like to highlight that this was a cake design adapted from Debbie Brown. ^^

We are really pleased with how the castle themed cake turned out and really felt a sense of achievement when Athena saw the cake and got excited all over it.

And guess what? We have another order just after delivering this cake! So excited! For now, we are going back to work on the design for this new order. Stay tuned for more updates, as usual, we promise, we will not disappoint ! =D

59 thoughts on “All hail Princess Athena from the kingdom of mydearbakes! =P

  1. Sooo Cute!! I think I’d like one of these for my birthday and I especially love that Knight. What a great cake xx

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