3D Cakes in Singapore

Wanted to get that Chanel bag for your significant other but got turned off by the price? Well, here’s an alternative!

Guess everyone knows that any Chanel, Gucci or LV bags will typically cost you an arm or a leg. – Just exaggerating but you probably get the idea ^^

And so why not an alternative, something that looks exactly like that branded bag and yet taste delicious too!

As mydearbakes’ sis birthday is around the corner, this “Chanel bag” doubles up as a birthday cake for her =P

We were so glad that we attended a class from Cake over Heels to learn how to do a Chanel Bag cake. The instructor, Nicolas make it sound so easy!

If you are looking at the cake from a distance, its really very hard to tell that this is a cake ^^

Many thought that we were crazy for trying to cut the “bag” at the restaurant.

Can’t blame them though. lol

Oh, last picture before we end today’s post – finally decided to cut the cake after admiring it for a very long while $^^


86 thoughts on “Wanted to get that Chanel bag for your significant other but got turned off by the price? Well, here’s an alternative!

  1. Your cakes are amazing! Although my fondant capabilities are indeed very sad (terrible in fact) I do love baking and decorating a good cake with some homemade chocolate buttercream!

  2. Wow. This is the best Chanel bag cake I’ve ever seen! I can’t think of anything better than an edible Chanel bag right now :P

  3. This is simply stunning! That’s a cake I would love to give to my fashionista sister…though I doubt she’d ever want to eat it :-)

  4. Say whaaaa?!?!?! Oh my gosh! This is just stupendous! :) I could never do something like this! Absolutely fantastic work!
    Tks so much for stopping by my blog and having a peek in! Appreciate it! :)

  5. Oh I missed this post! Is that… what?!… a Channel bag? Huh? and its a cake?! Wonderful creation mydearbakes!
    I have always wanted to take a class from CakeOverHeels with that bag but their schedule doesn’t always jive mine! Oh and they have tall cakes class too which I’ve missed with Sharon:)

  6. Golly! you are so talented! That in itself is a complete work of art! WOW! Your blog is fantastic by the way! Keep up the great work! xx

  7. That is absolutely bananas! I worked in a bakery years ago and I recall the cake designer working in fondant one day and telling me how tricky it was to work with. Making your work even more outstanding.

    It’s my dream to get renew vows with my husband and have a cake that looks like draped fabric. I’m sure you know what I’m saying. I saw one years ago in a Victoria magazine and fell in love with it, almost as much as my dear husband!!
    Peace and love,

  8. But it’s too pretty to cut and if it were in ivory, I would have tried to put my wallet and lipstick inside and carry it off! Fabulous!
    Thanks for stopping by my Post!

  9. Incredible! I couldn’t tell it was a cake from the first photo! Thanks for sharing. I love Chanel…wish there was a bakery in Singapore who could do good 3-D cakes. — Mrs. J

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