3D Cakes in Singapore

Guess what? The “students” from Animal Junior College decides to hold a lecture at mydearbakes!

And so at mydearbakes’ invitation, Professor Owl decided to bring his students for a rare outdoor lecture at our blog! =P

Well, actually not…

Today’s creation stems from a request from mydearbakes’ mom. ^^

My mom thought it would be nice to bake a farewell cake for our Pastor Norman who will
be going to China on a missionary trip.

After some brain storming, we finally decided to do a small luggage cake and cupcakes (with adorable animal toppers featuring the “students” from Animal Junior College =P).

First of all, featuring Pastor Norman and the luggage bag!

Another view of the cake

Moving on the the folks from Animal Junior College … Prof Owl! He looks mild but gets really angry whenever student calls him shorty … ^^;

Featuring the happy-go-lucky class monitor, Merry the lamb!

Up next, Miss Crybaby, Pinky the elephant!

Willy the whale is one mysterious student in the class. Till date, no one knows how he managed to survive on land for so long without water! ^^

Spoty the dog is our teacher’s pet here. Good grades, great at almost everything. The perfect student every teacher would love to have!

Beary hails from North Pole and is actually the nephew of Snowy the bear!

Tweet the dove brings calm and peace to the often noisy and chaotic class ^^

Finally, we have Dreamy the brown bear! Seems to be crafting out a farewell speech for our Pastor Norman!

Prof Owl conducting his lecture

Prof Owl : “Class, we are going to have a surprise class test today… Hope you are prepared for it”
Class : “Huh ?!”

Oh yea, not forgetting to feature the cupcake we baked before adding the animal topper ^^

We were really pleased with how the luggage bag cake and the cupcakes turned out. They were quite a hit and we heard that Pastor Norman was absolutely thrilled with our humble creation! =D

On another note, we just realize that this was mydearbakes first attempt at making cupcakes! – glad it turned out well ^^


49 thoughts on “Guess what? The “students” from Animal Junior College decides to hold a lecture at mydearbakes!

  1. I love the modeling you have created– they are too cute! The cake also was wonderfully done, and the suitcase looked so real! Keep up the wonderful work.

    –J + S, a tale of two spoons

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