3D Cakes in Singapore

Shhh!! Pls don’t tell Erica that we are setting up a party to celebrate her birthday!

Hey, keep it a secret k?

The lovable care bears have decided to hold a surprise birthday party for Erica, our dear friend, Irene’s 6 year old daughter! =)

We decided to make this cake bright and cheery as we were told that Erica’s friends has also been invited to the birthday party. After all, kids love anything that’s colorful right ? ;)

With a bit of research, we decide to do a birthday cake with a picnic setting!

Now here’s a look at the finish product! =D

Closed up of the 2 Care Bears hard at work. ^^

“Hey! What’s taking you so long to tie up the other end?”

“Grrr.. How I wish I was 20cm TALLER …” ^^

The sumptuous looking spread of delicious food waiting for Erica and the 2 little bears. =)

Hehe, in case you didn’t notice, the petals of the flowers were marshmallows!- They were a hit with kids during the party. =D

We probably don’t need any feedback from Irene about the birthday cake as it was mop up almost immediately after the birthday song was sung! Everything, from the picnic set, rainbow and flowers were plucked off by the kids who looking at them admiringly before … devouring them. ^^

Well that’s probably the best compliment one can ever have right? =)

44 thoughts on “Shhh!! Pls don’t tell Erica that we are setting up a party to celebrate her birthday!

  1. Wow, this is incredible! I’m beyond impressed. I could never do this in a million years with my fat stubby fingers and lack of artistic talent. The little “spread of delicious food” is especially ah-mazing! I hope Erica was delighted with her cake.

  2. These are fabulous! I’m so happy that we have found each other on here. I’m so inspired by your work! Thank you for taking the time to share your creations.

  3. ‘Elsa’s Cakes & Treats’ loves this cake! So so soooooo cute, I love the marshmallow flowers so creative. The tea set is my favourite, I appreciate the effort it took to make! Well done for taking so many pictures! It sometimes hard to remember when you have deadlines!
    Elsa x

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