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A cheery Paul Frank themed birthday cake befitting for a cheerful little girl! =D


Mydearbakes could still remember vividly, many many years ago when she was still a todler, her doting parents buying her plain birthday cakes year for her birthday. ^^;

Fast forward to today, she realizes how times have change! Kids today are extremely fortunate as the birthday cakes they have now are really more beautiful and yummy!

mydearbakes have recently received a request to bake a 1 year birthday cake for a little girl, Adele that can feed up to 50 pax.

Additionally, they have also requested a Paul Frank theme birthday cake!

The birthday cake is a 3-tiered cake (the top tier a dummy cake), featuring the iconic characters from Paul Frank!

A colorful scheme for the birthday cake is used to make the cake look more fun and cheery! =D

Here’s how the final product looks like.

This is the final ver after adding all the little accessories onto the cake =)

Close up of the top tier

Becoming a habit, mydearbakes always like to make special mentions to the little accessories that enhances the “Wow” factor of the cake!

We were pleased with how cheery the cake turn out to be and we are also glad to have this opportunity to bake this fun Paul Frank theme cake. – The customer had actually went to obtain the necessary approval just so that we can go ahead and use the Paul Frank Characters on the birthday cake!

You can just tell how fortunate Adele is , having such doting parents! =)

P.S : We really like to thank Adele’s parent for sharing with us the pictures of the birthday cake during the party! Boy, it looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! =D

31 thoughts on “A cheery Paul Frank themed birthday cake befitting for a cheerful little girl! =D

  1. What a gorgeous cake! Gosh just thinking of how much rolling of the dyes into all the fondant you would have needed to do is making me cross-eyed haha!

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