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mydearbakes’ “I’m a Baking Enthusiast” Award!

You’ve heard it correctly!

Starting this year, mydearbakes will be giving out awards to qualified baking enthusiastic!

We’ve decided to come out with our own award as we notice that most of the awards are given through nominations.

If you do a check on Google you will notice that nomination means entering as a candidate for an award. – This means you are just being nominated, not awarded! ^^

We therefore would like to introduce mydearbakes very own “I’m a Baking Enthusiast” award!

baking enthusiast award(S)


Now here’s how to qualify! =)

The awards will be given by mydearbakes once a month and it is given to anyone who contributes interesting articles/reviews/recipes or tutorials relating to baking/cake decorating on the internet!

What the recipient should do upon receiving the award.

1. Visit and thank the person who has awarded you.

2. Acknowledge the person and write a post on your blog/website/Facebook and include a link back so that other can find out about this award!

3. As the award looks so nice. Do display the award on your website/Facebook!

4. The recipient of the award can in turn select and award other blogs who deserve the award. – Pls note that this is optional, you can chose not to award anyone even if you have received the award!

That’s it!

Now… announcing the recipients of mydearbakes’ “I’m a Baking Enthusiast” award for Jan 2013…  They go to…






Teresa of cantstayoutofthekitchen!

Yes! It’s really hard to stay out of the kitchen if you keep reading Teresa’s fabulous recipes! All of them are so amazing!






Jen of!

Jen’s an expat whose currently living in Jordan and she posts many absolutely interesting tutorials in regards to baking! Really love to see more articles, Jen!

Congrats Teresa & Jen! =)

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