3D Cakes in Singapore

The one with Dr Seuss’ Cat in the Hat!

Recently, we attended Cake Over Heel’s Cat in The Hat class. It was a full day class and we really had loads of fun doing this bake. Had wanted to post the pictures of this lovely bake right after the class but unfortunately, we got too tied up with work and had only managed to find time now to get the post up. ^^;

As always, we will let the pictures do the talking now! Here’s some of the pictures of the Cat in The Hat cake that we have done in the class and we hope you like it!!

Before (Work-In-Progress)


After (Ta-dah!)




Finally, we would also like to invite all to take part in mydearbakes’ little survey! =)

All you need to do is to answer 1 Question in our survey here.

Your inputs will allow us to know what contents you will like us to share with you in future! =D

17 thoughts on “The one with Dr Seuss’ Cat in the Hat!

  1. Hey MyDear,
    That cake looks wonderful! Did you bake all the cakes, or are some of them dummies? How did the hat stand?
    I’m thinking of doing a class with Cake over Heels… Is it affordable?

    • Hi Radhika,
      The base is cake but Dr. Seuss head and hat are moulded out of rice crispies ;)
      I think the charges at Cake over Heels are reasonable for the type of classes they conduct. Plus Chef Nick gives great tips =D

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