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Challenge yourself. How many bakes can u make in 1 day?

That’s the challenge mydearbakes gave herself recently after receiving an “order” from mum to bake 2 cakes for 2 lovely kids. =)

The order was to bake 1 lightning McQueen cake and 1 baby shoe cake all in one day! ^^

So … challenge accepted!! Both bakes were done under 8 hours on a beautiful Saturday. Ta-dah!~

Bake #01 – Lightning McQueen

mcqueen 2013

Bake #02 – Baby Shoe Cake

Anya 2013

Not too bad, if mydearbakes were to say so herself. Very please with the end results. =)

So have you ever challenge yourself to see how many bakes you can make in a day? Do try out and let mydearbakes know!

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29 thoughts on “Challenge yourself. How many bakes can u make in 1 day?

  1. Wow looking good. Love the bow.
    I baked 3 cakes at one day, but the decoration was all the same.. So it doesn’t count i guess ;)

  2. I did 2 bakes yesterday… one is dark chocolate walnut brownie and the other is apple cinnamon cake… was pretty hectic with all that chopping, assemblying ingredients, and baby asking for attention all the same. :) Great job done with that fondant decorations!

  3. 3 bakes today – eggnog blueberry muffins, eggnog mini cupcakes and an eggnog cheesecake. I also started the dough for some gingerbread cookies. Yesterday was a two bake day – chocolate peanut butter balls and chocolate truffle cupcakes. I don’t usually go so nuts. I’m overtaken by holiday baking I think!

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