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Year in Review 2013

OMG! I can’t believe this. This is mydearbakes’ 3rd Year in Review!

I’m really really proud that mydearbakes has made it so far. Truly, much credit has to be given to YOU! – Our dear fans, readers and supporters! =D

2013 year in review

This year, besides sharing lovely little bakes with you, we also held a number of events, giveaways .. baking bazaar.. interview with fellow cake decorators.

mydearbakes would like to take this opportunity to thank the following partners for their gracious support in our events! =)

1. Cake Masters – Sponsor of Cake Master Magazine (Digital version) Annual Subscription

2. Claudine of Claudine Hellmuth: artist + illustrator – Sponsor of Retro Cupcake Box giveaway

3. JessicathebakerFor sharing with us awesome tips of pastry photography

4. Sharon Wee Creations – Sponsor of Sharon Wee Online tutorial giveaway

5. Sugar High, Inc – Sponsor of Sweet Treats for Easter – giveaway

6. Bake It Yourself,Doodle-A-Cake,Gift Zakka,United Bakery Supplies for their kind support in Singapore’s First Bakers Centric eBazaar!

Don’t miss out too on the bakes we have made this year too. =)

1. The one with Dr Seuss’ Cat in the Hat! | Link

2. Care to guess what’s mydearbakes favorite animal? (Hint within this post) | Link

3.Woof, Woof! mydearbakes wishes Little Gerard a Happy Birthday again!! | Link

4. A toast to our Harvard Graduate! Job well done! | Link

5. Minion Madness @ mydearbakes | Link

6. 2 bakes in a day! | Link

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