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The one with The Baking Studio!

Mydearbakes was delighted to be invited to the grand opening of The Baking Studio (“TBS”) held at 201 Telok Kurau Road on 1 Jan 2014. It was filled with guests and there was an air of anticipation as all waited for Leza Parker to introduce the first ever baking central website in Singapore.


We like to encourage you to read all the way to the bottom of this post to find out how you can take part in the giveaway sponsored by The Baking Studio! =D

Meanwhile, check out the photos from the opening!


Thumbs up to The Baking Studio’s opening! =D


Check out the goodies from our local bakers!!



So much yummy goodies to choose from!



We also had the honor of interviewing Leza herself!!!

VERY IMPORTANT. – Read the interview carefully as the answer to our giveaway event with TBS is within this interview!! =P

MDB : Hi Leza, thank you so much for taking time out for this interview. Now for starters, can you tell us a little bit about yourself.

Leza: I’m a mum of three, the founder of four fantastic businesses –, Spendless Cosmetics, The Leza Parker Network  and The Baking Studio. At the same time, I’m a business coach who delivers regular training programs.

MDB: Tell us what inspired you to start up The Baking Studio?

Leza : There are a lot of home bakers out there in Singapore who had the whole package – their bakes were good!  From the bake sale today, you can see that they had the packaging as well.  The only thing limiting them was issues on obtaining the valid licenses, work space and the marketing aspect of how to get people to know about their products.  Hence, the idea of The Baking Studio (TBS) was born – it’s an ideal place where bakers can use our studio to hold baking classes and/or rent the kitchen without running into issues against the law!

MDB: So tell us more about The Baking Studio.

Leza : As mentioned, at TBS you can rent the professional kitchen starting from $38/hour ($19 if you are a member)  to fulfill  the various orders that you have from your customers.  You can also rent the space to hold classes at $90 /hour ($48 for members). Additionally, we also hold baking sales fair once every quarter and this is an opportunity for home bakers to sign up and setup their “shop” to sell their bakes!

What we are most excited though is the one-stop website that we have just launched today. It’s called The Baking Central (TBC) – This is where bakers can advertise their bakes/store online for only $99/year (basic package) or $149/year (premium package).

This is the first baking website in South East Asia where customers can go to a central website and browse online for various bakers. From our website, prospective customers can look at the bakers’ profiles and their signature bakes.

Which means, instead of you (the baker), going to look for customers, TBC will bring the customers to you!

MDB: That’s really interesting. I also see that you have a roadmap all the way to 2015! Can you tell us more about your plans?

Leza: Well, in September this year we plan to launch The Baking Alley and next year, 2015 we plan to bring this concept to Malaysia. You can find out more about our roadmap here.

MDB: I see it’s going to be an exciting and interesting journey for you.  I wish you all the best and success for TBS.

Leza : Thank you.

Julia & bakersHello from Julia and Bakers!

Julia & Leza

Founders of The Baking Studio

Heehee, I hope that you have go thru the interesting interview which we have with the founder of TBS, Leza Parker.

Leza has graciously decided to sponsor some lovely gift sets to mydearbakes readers! Yeah!!

12 lucky winners can look forward to receiving the following from TBS.

  • 1 PINK Baking Mould
  • 1 Spatula
  • 1 Recipe Book
  • 1 $25 voucher of Baking Workshops
  • 1 10% voucher to sign up TBS Membership
  • 1 TBS Brochure and 1 TBC Brochure of Information

Bake Sets1

Bake Sets

Hmm … Very attractive isn’t it? =D

The giveaway event will take place this 13 Jan 2014 to 20 Jan 2014.

All you need to do is to answer a simple question and you will stand a chance to win the gift set from TBS!!

The giveaway link will be announced on our Face Book page on 13 Jan 2014 so be sure to check us out!!

May you be one of the lucky winners! =)


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