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What’s BaKing? – Deals, giveaway not to be missed!


Gfx for post on 17 May 14

Heehee, so did the teaser post which we recently published on our Facebook page pique your interest?

I’m sure it is since you are reading this post! Psst! Read till the end of the post to check out the special promo we have in store for you! =P

From today till 25 May 2014, mydearbakes is pleased to announced that Bake King, one of the Top Bakery Decorating Supplier in Singapore has graciously decided to collaborate with mydearbakes for the “What’s BaKing” event!

With that said …

The name “Bake King” shouldn’t be unfamiliar with you if you are a Baking Enthusiast in Singapore. =)

Their retail store, located at Blk 10 Haig road, has an extensive collection of baking ingredients and baking related wares. One can say that it’s a one stop station for all your baking needs! Caution though, you might need to keep your credit cards in check while shopping at Bake King!

You can also be assured that you can easily find the  latest trending baking items from them as Bake King strives to keep up with the latest baking trends around the world.

Gfx for post on 17 May 14_1

Various products available!

That’s not all, if you are feeling lazy and just want to shop at the comfort of your own house, check out Bake King’s online store, created just for lazy people like me! ^^;

Do check out their online shopping guide before you go trigger happy!

Now, what happens if you need some additional guidance to make the cupcake more pretty and delicious? Why not consider enrolling yourself into the baking classes that Bake King has in stored for you? With some many classes to chose from, I’m sure there must be one that is what you are looking for. =)

Check out what classes they have at the moment here!

And to complete the package, Bake King has a stash of marvelous recipes for you to try out too!  The recipes are simple to follow and saves you the need to purchase any recipe books. Why buy when you can obtain the recipes online from Bake King for free!! =D

FINALLY… mydearbakes is also pleased to announce that from today till 31 Jul 2014, you can get a $5 discount when making your purchase via Bake King’s online store!!!

All you have to do is to enter the promo code “COUPON5OFF” when you are making the purchase online!!!*

Gfx for post on 17 May 14_2







$5 discount, here I come!

So let’s not waste anytime now by swinging over the Bake King’s online store to do some shopping! =D

Terms and Conditions

1.      Promotion is valid from 17th May 2014 to 31st Jul 2014.

2.      This promotion is only for residents that are residing in Singapore.

3.      The discount is only valid for 1 time use and pls note that you need to have a minimum purchase of $20 in order to use the discount code.

4.      In the event of any disputes, Bake King’s decision is final


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