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“Wee” love Adorable Cakes for all Occasions!

Yeah! Who doesn’t love adorable looking cakes! =P

If you have been following our Facebook Page closely, you will realize that mydearbakes is currently having a little collaboration with Sharon Wee Creations! =)

Now, Sharon is one amazing lady, if you were to read about her profile here. You might think that you are reading some fairy tale. ^^

Indeed, from experimenting various bakes in her early days to starting her own cake decorating shop and now finally, finally,  finally … publishing her first cake decorating book! How I wish I can do that too! =D

The “Adorable Cakes for all Occasions” is Sharon’s first book and it consist of 11 main projects and 6 smaller projects … and that means a total of 17 projects in just one book!


Do be assured that this is the one book that you will need if you are really into cake decorating. The steps are very detailed and is accompanied by step by step photos to guide you on how to craft out the cake yourself.


Should you need more convincing, do swing by Sharon’s site to download a sample of the project. Besides being able to download a sample of the project, you can also gain access to some useful tools such as the Cake Calculator!

So … if you have read this post and you are still with me here then I would assume that you are interested in this book. =P

Now how can one go about purchasing the book?

Easy! All you need to do is to log on to Sharon’s website and make your purchase online at the comfort of your home!!

Take note that there are 2 versions when you are purchasing the book.

Option one allows you to purchase the physical copy + the PDF version.

Option two allows you to just purchase the PDF version if you do not need the physical book. =)



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