3D Cakes in Singapore

mydearbakes’s new baking “mentor” – Craftsy!

Recently, mydearbakes has been surfing Craftsy and she was really amazed with the amount of cake decorating tutorials available on the website!

Deciding to pamper herself for slogging so hard at work, she awarded herself by purchasing Sheryl Bito‘s Global Cupcake Design video tutorial. =P

The video tutorial is full of details. It almost felt that Sheryl Bito was giving you a personal one to one cake decorating lesson. =)

And … here’s the end result after spending 1/2 a day of studying the tutorial.

GlobalCupcakes 01

GlobalCupcakes 02

GlobalCupcakes 03

GlobalCupcakes 04

GlobalCupcakes 05


To be frank, mydearbakes is extremely pleased with the outcome. She posted this on her facebook page as well and was quite well received! =D

Do check out Sheryl Bito’s tutorial on Craftsy! Her Facebook page is also worth a visit too!

mydearbakes promise you will not regret it!

13 thoughts on “mydearbakes’s new baking “mentor” – Craftsy!

  1. These are adorable :) Did you use specific tools when working with the fondant(I’m assuming that you used fondant here)? I ask because I recently started making my own fondant to decorate cupcakes and I’m wondering if I should invest in some tools :)

    • I used a round cutter so that I’m getting consistent size for each cupcake. For painting I used fine and medium tip brushes, craft knife to cut out the smaller pieces of fondant and toothpick for the detailing

      • Ohh Okay! I’ve been using chopsticks to help me place things, but I might invest in a craft knife because I’ve been trying to cut out details with my 8 inch chef knife and I don’t much control with a big knife…
        Thanks! :)

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