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Y‌ear-end event Special – Links that we like, Links that you will love too !

Not sure if you have realized but we are now in the last month of 2014!~ =O

Time flies without one realizing it … and so to end this year with a loud bang, mydearbakes has worked with a few big players in our local baking industry to bring you a series of events from 16 Dec 14 – 31 Dec 14! =D

It started when mydearbakes revamped her Links that we like which is a section devoted to listing down some of the well known baking related vendors in Singapore and she thought it is timely to re-introduce these famous vendors to our fans again!

So what’s going to happen from 16 Dec 14 – 31 Dec 14? Look out for write ups on some of our local baking related vendors… sponsored giveaways & special deals from them!

Check out the overview below! – Do click on the image to enlarge it.  ^__^

15 Dec - FB - Opening


1.This event is in no way endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook & WordPress.
2.The winners for the 4 giveaways will be announce on 5 Jan 2015.
3.Only Residents residing in Singapore can take part in the 4 giveaways.
4.The winners will be contacted by email and will be advised on the mode of collection for the prize.
5.Kindly note that you may take part in all giveaways but your entry will be rendered as invalid if you have won a prize in any of the giveaways.  e.g, Won a a prize in giveaway #01. Entries for Giveaway #2-4 will be deem invalid.This is to allow other participants a chance to win a prize too! =)
6.In the event of any dispute, mydearbakes’ decision will be final






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