Back to Baking Basics

Everyone starts from the basics regardless of what you are doing. The same goes for baking!

Therefore in this section called “Back to Baking Basics” , we will be archiving all the notes, tutorials and charts that we have posted on our Facebook Page that’s related to the fundamentals of baking. Incidentally, we have designated every Monday as “Back to Baking Basics” day!

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Back to Baking Basics archives

1. Baking Measurements and General Cooking Baking Terms | Link | Posted on 29 Oct 2012
2. What’s a good substitute for eggs? | Link | Posted on 5 Nov 2012
3. What is the sum of Maths and Baking? Introducing Baker’s Percentage!| Link | Posted on 12 Nov 2012
4. All you need to know about flour| Link | Posted on 19 Nov 2012
5. Figuring out the correct pan size| Pls check out the article on our Facebook page | Posted on 26 Nov 2012
6. Baking with Sugar and Sugar Substitutes| Link | Posted on 3 Dec 2012
7. Why is salt important in baking?| Link | Posted on 10 Dec 2012
8. How to measure flour?| Link | Posted on 17 Dec 2012
9. Introducing Healthy Baking Substitutes| Link | Posted on 24 Dec 2012
10. Butter, another essential ingredient in baking!| Link | Posted on 31 Dec 2012
11. How to store baking ingredients| Link | Posted on 7 Jan 2013
12. How to tell if your cake is done| Link | Posted on 14 Jan 2013
13. How to measuring cups and spoons| Link | Posted on 21 Jan 2013
14. Different mixing methods| Link | Posted on 28 Jan 2013
15. Basic Baking Rules| Link | Posted on 4 Feb 2013
16. Eggs, another fundamental baking ingredient| Link | Posted on 11 Feb 2013
17. The different types of sugar| Link | Posted on 18 Feb 2013
18. Fondant Basics| Link | Posted on 25 Feb 2013
19. The difference between fondant and gum paste| Link | Posted on 11 Mar 2013
20. How To: Substitute Ground Nuts for Flour When Baking| Link | Posted on 25 Mar 2013
21. How many eggs do you need for a great bake| Link | Posted on 22 Apr 2013
22. Which fat makes the best cake? Butter, Oil, Margarine, or Shortening ?| Link | Posted on 13 May 2013
23. How to make icing color match ?| Link | Posted on 4 Jun 2013
24. The Important of Salt in Bread Making| Link | Posted on 21 Aug 2013

1. Full credits to the respective blogs/Facebook pages/fellow baker whom we have obtained the information (e.g. url, articles and images) from. =)
2. We welcome all to contribute to mydearbake’s back to baking section! After all, sharing is caring! Just email/Facebook us your article and we will host it up here. – credit will go to you of course!
3. Feel free to drop us a note at if you have any feedback! =)

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